crystalweb is a development company in Greece providing state-of-the-art solutions for the new era of the web.


The nGine (engine) is a Content Management Tool built from scratch in PHP and MySQL by CRYSTALWEB.

The tool generates PHP pages depending on the information received from the MySQL Server. Each element (menu, text, etc.) is stored in the base and is independent of the interface of the website. As for the artistic part, nGine does not require a specific template but can accept any design / page.

Furthermore the results can be passed to other tools or programs by simple link, by frame, by GET / POST forms, or by XML format. Importantly, the nGine is not based on any framework or other content management tool giving us this way direct access to the code.

The Site Manager (the data entry part of nGine) provides security with virtually infinite number of users. Each user has his own username and password and can modify only the data to which he has access. You can login to the application by any (or combination) of the following options:
• Login directly to the database where users are stored
• Login to a Windows Active Directory (with username and password that users already use to login to their computer)
• Login to any LDAP Server (with already stored credentials)

We have specially focused on the ease of use of the Site Manager as it is a criterion for a successful tool. For this reason we constructed a unified and elegantinterface with simple menus and clear options for adding, editing and deleting data, requiring a minimal learning curve of the final user.

The Site Manager is "smart" enough to know what items should be entered and displays the corresponding editor (eg WYSIWYG Editor for texts, date picker, image selection etc.).

The integrated Image / File Uploader & Editor facilitates uploading and organaization of images and files. There are even some (limited) features regarding processing of images (such as rename, crop, resize, etc). By incorporating all the above no other user interface or applications needs to be used for uploading pictures or other files, but all necessary actions can be done through Site Manager.

Additional attention was given to the simple creation and rearrangement of the website menu by using a drag'n'drop technique. Combined with the various options of every element of the menu, the user can create a tree-like form with many options that allows him to change the menu and the resulting website with minimal effort.

The nGine is developed to be an intermediate level between the database and the interface. There is no limitation on the appearance of website. No template to choose from, or artistic constraints. Each website that uses nGine can be really different and the tool undertakes the task to feed it with content, just as added through the Site Manager.

Technologically the nGine uses all the latest technologies (AJAX, jQuery, Facebook API, Google API etc) giving a modern and attractive result. Moreover, the tool is designed to make Search Engine Optimization(SEO) simple. Each page created contains all the necessary elements that help a search engine to access the contents of the website and to promote it even higher in relevant search results.

The nGine is social by design, which means that with all the basic social networks like facebook, twitter, google etc. connection pre-exists and it is easy to connect to additional desired Networks. The use of this feature is an additional way to help your site results rise in the search engines and make it known to the world.

the web side of life ;-)

CRYSTALWEB is a development company in Greece providing state-of-the-art solutions for the new era of the web.

nGine, the content management tool created by crystalweb, powers many websites, intranets and applications. Why not yours? Build your dream site or application with a unique tool.

You can ask for a quote or a live demonstration of nGine in the following e-mail: